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Why do you need Management Dashboard?

Management Data Dashboard design is done with the aim of increasing productivity and profitability for businesses. The management dashboard displays important and essential business information graphically and classified for managers, which saves their time.
One of the important factors in the design of management dashboards is to pay attention to the type of customer’s business. To take full advantage of this product, WikiLux team in oman designs management dashboards according to your business needs with the help of modern knowledge.

Designing management dashboards in Oman

Management Dashboard Benefits

Organizations that have used the management dashboard have achieved these achievements:

  • ۳۶۰-degree and real-time evaluation of the organization’s performance in order to achieve strategic goals (strategic intelligent management with a 360-degree view)
  • Reflection of accurate and real-time management reports in the management dashboard
  • Identifying the deviations of the organization from the main path and timely and quickly identifying the reasons for the deviation and making the right decisions to return to the main path
  • Anticipating and identifying opportunities and threats in time and making the right decisions and taking necessary actions
  • Reducing additional costs of the organization and increasing maximum productivity
  • The return of the manager to his main position as a decision maker in the organization

Installation and Support

By using the best  business intelligence tool, like the Microsoft Power bi platform, it has provided business intelligence services in a completely specialized, professional, short-term and cost-effective manner.

Variety of Dashboards

The information and charts presented in various dashboards allow you to plan long-term and you can plan according to them in a way that achieves maximum productivity.

Intelligence in business

The business intelligence system helps managers to have a broader knowledge of the factors affecting the company’s operations, such as sales, production and internal operations measurement criteria.

?Why choose Wikilux dashboard

Wiki Lux management dashboard collects and analyzes data related to various key performance indicators and displays them to managers in a single environment. Therefore, the main necessity of using management dashboards is that it allows you to see all the information you want at a glance. Also, dashboards receive information about multiple KPIs from the database and display them to you at the same time.

WikiLux dashboards make it easier for administrators to understand information and facilitate their use. Another reason for the necessity of using these dashboards is that by displaying historical trends, real-time data and the results of their analysis, they provide managers with the possibility of real-time monitoring of business performance.

interactive report of dashboard by wikilux in oman
various report in wikilux dashboard in oman

Dashboard Design Steps in Wikilux

Designing and setting up a management dashboard

Identify key performance evaluation indicators and criteria

Identification of information sources of performance indicators

Determining and identifying the strategic goals of the organization

Also, the output documents of the different stages of the WikiLux dashboard project can be seen in the following table:

stepsProcedureOutput documents
Planning and analysisUnderstanding the current business situationAnalysis and planning document
Identify the current state of technology
Project planning
Definition of project requirements
data analysis
DesigningAnalytical database designDesign document
ETL design
makingETL development

The maintenance document includes:

• Test program

• User guide

• System management guide

Application Development (Dashboard)
Installation and deploymentImplementation

in some cases ,you need a web portal for publishing form on the web , so you can order your portal to wikilux . (More Detail)

Frequently Asked Questions

?What is a management dashboard

A management dashboard is a tool that displays all the information necessary to manage the organization using charts and graphical forms so that you can monitor the progress in reaching the organization’s goals.
Wiki Lux team designs and implements all kinds of dashboards in Oman

?What features should the management dashboard have

A good management dashboard should: be simple and understandable, be able to measure KPIs, be able to display data with various graphs, be able to filter information, be able to share data and reports and be able to print them, and wikilux dashboard provides all facilities for companies.

?What are the types of management dashboards

There are different types of dashboards based on their application, including: product sales dashboard, human resources dashboard, project management dashboard, operations management dashboard, customer management dashboard, financial management dashboard, etc.

Which is the best company for dashboard design in Oman

Wikilux agency is one of the best teams in designing portals and management dashboards in Oman.


management dashboards

A management dashboard is a type of user interface that provides a graphical representation of the current status and past trends of your business. By connecting to different sources, these graphic elements can extract information from existing databases in the organization and display it in one screen. This single-page display is usually as simple as a pre-read. … More Details

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