management dashboards report by wikilux in oman and dubai

Types of management dashboards

Wikilux management dashboards can be divided into different types based on their use. Below are some types of dashboards:

Product sales management dashboard in Oman

The amount of sales of products and services of any organization is the main characteristic of its success. For this reason, it is necessary to pay continuous attention to them based on performance indicators. Success in the market is possible only through the supply of competitive products thus,In this type of dashboards, information related to product sales based on macro indicators such as strategic products, penetration rate, sales return rate, variety level, household basket coverage ratio, coverage target achievement rate, product price competitiveness ratio, product profit margin, etc. The show will come on.

Human resources management dashboard in Oman

Employees are one of the most important resources in any organization, and knowing their status based on standard indicators can be effective in making optimal decisions, and processes force human resources to move effectively. Indicators such as per capita production, per capita education, the amount of leave remaining, the number of people with contracts by their types, the combination and proportion of expertise, knowledge and skills available, the degree of realization of human resources planning, etc. have been among the important indicators in human resources management. By combining these indicators, valuable and decision-making information can be created.

Project management dashboard in Oman

In an organization, many projects are always running. Continuous tracking of indicators such as the amount of progress, the cost incurred, the amount of resources consumed, the profit obtained, etc. can help managers to decide whether to continue or stop them. The existence of comparative reports of the performance of these projects can help managers in predicting the future of projects. Aggregation and integration of project reports also creates a unified view of them.

Using the management dashboard, you can study and review a large amount of information and make the right decisions. As we said, the management dashboard can check the data through a graphical and visual interface. Also, management dashboards can display numbers, key performance indicators (KPI) and in some cases performance scorecards on a separate page with different access for high-level managers of the organization.thus By means of this information, business managers, while viewing an overview of their organization, can secure it against various risks and crises and also examine various opportunities for the organization’s progress. In fact, the management dashboard is considered as the output of the business intelligence system.

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