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What is Medical Tourism VIP ?

The Medical Tourism VIP industry, which is ranked third after the oil and automobile industries, has positive effects on the economy of countries through foreign exchange. With the passage of time and the development of this industry, various branches of tourism such as sports, religious and health tourism have emerged. What makes a difference between these branches is people’s motivation for tourism and why they travel.

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On average, the income from medical tourism for countries is more than three times that of normal tourism. The dramatic growth and increasing popularity of medical tourism has attracted the attention of policy makers, media and investors. This industry is low-cost but high-income and has a much brighter future than the governments imagine.

تکنولوجیا البلد للأعمال,الشرکه العمانیه الوحیده للسیاحه العلاجیه

Health tourism is not only medical tourism

there are other types as well as follow:

  • Medical tourism

Medical tourism is the most common and sensitive sub-branch of health tourism, because it is directly related to the life and health of tourists. This type of travel is done for the treatment of illness, surgery or health check-up of tourists in clinics and hospitals.

The presence of skilled and experienced doctors, the history of medical science, the existence of therapeutic and monitoring infrastructures, the existence of standard hospitals and clinics, complete and up-to-date medical equipment, as well as the existence of medical laws and supervision are among the important medical infrastructures of Iran and in attracting this category Health tourists are very effective.

  • Curative Tourism

Traveling to countries with natural healing resources such as hot water springs, salt lake, medical mud, clean environment and bright sun is included in nature therapy tourism.

In this type of trip, skin, respiratory, rheumatology, and muscle patients travel to these areas for medical massage, herbal bath, and also to spend the recovery period after treatment and surgery.

  • Wellness Tourism

In wellness tourism, the tourist goes on a journey to get rid of the tensions of daily life and seek relaxation. Usually, this group of tourists do not have a specific physical illness and are mostly seeking to benefit from the healing nature and stay away from the crowd and pollution of urban life.

Wellness tourists travel to receive a variety of services, including physical fitness and exercise, beauty treatments, healthy diet and weight management, relaxation and stress reduction, meditation, yoga, and health-related education.

?Why does WikiLux recommend Iran to health tourists

Iran is on the path of great progress in the field of medical tourism and the existence of experienced and efficient doctors, up-to-date and progressive hospitals with the latest facilities in the world, along with competitive prices and spending time of medical tourism travelers in tourist attractions and exciting restaurants. Staying in magical hotels is one of the reasons for choosing Iran as a therapeutic tourism destination in the region.

: WikiLux mission at medical tourism filed in Oman

  • Introducing the existing capacities and potentials in the field of health tourism to foreign customers
  • A suitable platform for providing all tourism services to clients
  • Appropriate setting up to provide all medical services to clients
  • A suitable foundation for providing all beauty services to clients
  • Introducing Iran’s elite doctors
  • Introducing Iran’s specialized medical centers to other countries
  • Providing online services, translators, airport transfers, hotel and ticket reservations, medical center reservations

Medical Tourism steps in Wikilux

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Airport Reception & Hotel Accommodation


Passing the Recovery Period with Tourism Programs


Patient Follow-up in His Own Country


Frequently Asked Questions

?What is the importance of medical tourism

In addition to economic benefits for countries, medical tourism has benefits such as receiving better quality medical services, lower costs, etc.

?What are the most common treatments performed in other countries

Cosmetic surgery, dental and orthopedic services are the most common treatments aimed at medical tourism.

?Which is the best country in the field of medical tourism

The country of Iran has a more reasonable cost in providing medical services.


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